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Superoxide dismutase (SOD)



Model Al-plastic packing, 50g/bag, 100g/bag, 200g/bag or following your demand
Producing place Cixi, Zhejiang, China
Brief introduction Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is one kind of metalloenzyme, it can be used in antioxidization, fight against senium and improve the immunologic function. Superoxide dismutase(SOD) can be used in health care food, cosmetics and beer, etc.
Quality standard >5000u/mg Pro.
Storage 2 years in dry and low temperature
Parameters Our Superoxide dismutase is Cu.Zn-SOD, the output is 10KG/month. 
NO.:E.C.; :Company standard(intermediate) 

1, [Specific activity]: Specific activity is 5000u/mg at least; 
2, [Appearance]when its Specific activity is 5000u/mg, its liquid is dark blue green, solid is light blur green 
3, [Moisture]:<5%
4, [Molecular weight]:32KD ; 
5, [Other bacteria]: 1,000 colonies/g Max, no pathogenic bacteria; 
6, [Uses]: used in drug, health care food, cosmetics, food, food additive, dairy products, wine and beverage, etc. 
7, [Packing & Storage]: Al-plastic packing, 50g/bag, 100g/bag, 200g/bag, 2 years in normal temperature.







Period for dispatch

in 10 days

Guarantee period

36 (months)

Quality standard

Company standard

Main ingredients

Specific activity is 5000 u/mg protein


it can remove the superoxide anion free radical

Product description

SOD ( SUPEROXIDE DISMUTASE) can remove the superoxide anion free radical. SOD is made of fresh red cell of animal in physical method, thus it is natural and ono-polluted enzyme, with high activity.