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Hemin (Heme Iron)


Model 20Kg/carton= 10Kg/plastic bag×2 or following your demands
Producing place: Cixi, Zhejiang, China
tem         Standard
Product name   Chlorinated Hemin
Source         pig blood
Molecular formula     C34H32ClFeN4O4

Molecular weight      651.95
Appearance         black brown crystalline powder 
Assay         ≥95%
Loss on dry  <3%

Long and fine flaky crystal . Light is chocolate brown, refracted light is steel blue. MP>300℃. 
Metal    Fe 7.96-8.31% Max
            Pb 0.5mg/Kg  Max
            As 0.3mg/Kg  Max
            Hg 0.3mg/Kg  Max

It is a compound of iron porphyrin made of 4 porphyrin rings and one ferrous iron., Molecular formula C34H32ClFeN4O4, Molecular weight is 651.96. It is made of pig blood and can be used in the therapy of iron deficiency anemia. It can be used in iron supply food, drug, health food and cosmetics. 

It is black green formless or long needle-like crystal
Quality standard



1, Fe ≥7.96%-8.31%
2, Moisture    ≤2.0%
3, Purity    92-98%
4, Pb≤0.5㎎/Kg
5, As≤0.3㎎/Kg
6, Hg≤0.3㎎/Kg